Step Drill - Spade Drill - Half Drill - Coolant thru Drill - Taper Drill

Step Reamer - Port Tool - Stagger Tooth Reamer
Coolant thru Reamer

MILL CUTTERS End Mill - Keyway Cutter - Milling Cutter - Dovetail Cutter
Drill Mill - Serration Cutter

FORM TOOLS Brazed Carbide Form Tool - Circular Form Tool - Shave Tool
Skive Tool - Flat Form Tool - Forming Insert


   ( Mechanically held twisted carbide blades )

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Great Lakes Custom Tool purchased Sonnet Tool to enhance our manufacturing capability to include true helix tools                                       in 2004.

Solving your manufacturing problems is one of our goals. We want you to produce
the perfect part and we realize it takes a perfect tool to accomplish the end result.

​Manufacturing specialized tooling is our business. Precision crafted excellence is our goal. The performance of our tooling will meet or exceed your expectations. 

 - Aluminum

-  Composites

-  Milling Alloy Steels

-  Stainless Steel

-  Titanium & Cast Iron

Exceptional Finish - Smoother Cutting Action - Superior Performance